General FAQs

  • The Khelo India Scheme aims to encourage sports all over the country.
  • Strengthening the sports eco- system in India by promoting the twin objective of mass participation and promotion of excellence in sports.
  • The Khelo India Programme has been introduced to revive the sports culture in India at the grass-root level by building a strong framework for all sports played in our country and establish India as a great sporting nation.

  • State/UTs & National Sports Federations (NSF) will send the selected list of athletes to SAI for the games.
  • Athletes have to contact to their States Sports Department & National Sports Federations (NSF) to participate in Khelo India Youth Games.

  • Through NSRS (National Sports Repository System) - A Digital MIS & Dedicated Online Portal for Khelo India Games where participants can do the registration.
  • Kindly visit

  • An athlete born on or after 1st January 2004 is eligible to participate in Khelo India Youth Games Madhya Pradesh 2022.

    Any two of the following documents:
  • Aadhaar Card or Passport
  • Matriculate Certificate
  • Birth Certificate (issued at least 5 years ago i.e., on or before 01 January 2017 by Municipal Corporation/ Gram Panchayat)

  • Khelo India Youth Games 2022 is to be held in 8 cities in Madhya Pradesh and 1 in New Delhi.
    Bhopal : Athletics, Wrestling, Boxing, Shooting, Kayaking, Rowing, Volleyball, Judo, Swimming.
    Indore: Basketball, Table Tennis, Weightlifting, Kabaddi, Football (Boys), Tennis.
    Gwalior : Badminton, Hockey, Kalarripayattu, Gymnastics.
    Ujjain : Yogasana, Mallakhamb.
    Jabalpur : Archery, Kho Kho, Fencing, Cycling (Road).
    Mandla : Gatka, Thang-Ta.
    Balaghat : Football (Girls)
    Khargone : Slalom
    Delhi (IG Stadium) : Cycling (Track)

  • Khelo India Youth Games Madhya Pradesh 2022 will start from 30th January till 11th February 2023.

  • Sports Department of your respective State & UTs will book the tickets for traveling to the games.

  • Medals (Gold/ Silver/ Bronze), Certificates of participation, National recognition, Trophies, etc will be distributed to the winners by Government.
  • Also selected Athletes will get the fixed scholarship amount by the Government of India.

  • For Team Sports : State/ UTs will receive the Login credentials from SAI to nominate their Athletes on NSRS Portal.
  • For Individual Sports : National Sports Federations (NSF) will receive the Login credentials from SAI to nominate their Athletes on NSRS portal.

  • After the successful completion of Physical Verification process, Athletes are eligible to receive to accreditation card.

  • After the successful Competition of Physical Verification process & accreditation Collection, Athletes are eligible to receive their Sports Kits.

  • One SLO will be allotted to all State/UTs who will assist the CDM & their state contingent throughout the games.
  • SLO act as a first POC (Point of Contact) between the Participating State/UTs & Organising Committee.

  • 24/7 Helpline numbers for Medical emergencies, Fire and ACT Helpline are available for the Games which will be duly circulated.

  • A dedicated Medical team in all venues is assign to assist the athletes in case of injury.

  • Yes, all Athletes will get their certificate of participation after the competition of their sport.

  • Host State will make a covid advisory rules which will be circulated in all venues/cities.
  • Compulsory Masking and getting yourself tested before the games are a part of the COVID protocols.

  • Yes.11 Games will be go Live on Star Sports and OTT Platform.
  • Live Games : Athletics, Wrestling, Boxing, Shooting, Volleyball, Weightlifting, Table Tennis, Tennis, Kabaddi, Yogasana, Mallakhamb.

  • Sports specific clothing is available. Equipments have to carried by the player themselves.

  • All the selected athletes will get a selection confirmation message on their registered mobile numbers.

  • Opening ceremony will be held on 30th January in T.T. Nagar Stadium at Bhopal.
  • Closing ceremony will be held on 11th Feb in Bhopal.

  • Yes all athletes are allowed to attend opening ceremony.


  • 2 days prior to the games you can arrive.

  • Athletes to check out after 1 day of completion of their sport.

  • Accommodation arrangements will be done within 3 Star hotels or equivalent.
  • Details and location of the Hotels will be shared by the SLOs to their state.

  • Double/Triple occupancy accommodation in 3 star Hotels or equivalent.

  • Mostly you will be sharing the room with officials from the same discipline unless there is an odd number of officials in your specific sport discipline

  • There will be separate washroom in every room.

  • Yes, they will stay in the same hotel.

  • Bed, Towels, Linen, Cupboard, A/C & Hot water will be provided.

  • Yes.

  • Your parents can stay in the same hotel but they have to manage their accommodation by their own.


  • Yes, there will be a help desk at every Station/Airport/Bus stop to welcome the athletes & to provide transport facility.

  • No dedicated vehicle will be given for athletes

  • No, transportation will be not be provided for other purposes.

  • Yes, vehicles will be provided for practice.


  • Yes

  • Hot Breakfast and Dinner for everyone will be served in the hotel.
  • There are dedicated spaces at venue for Athletes to have their meals.

  • Yes, Non veg food will be available

  • Breakfast starts from 7am till 10am.
  • Lunch timings are 12:30pm - 3:30 pm.
  • Dinner timings are 7pm -10:30 pm.

Athlete Verification/GTCC

  • Athletes usually must arrive 2 days before the start of their event for verification.

    Any two of the following documents:
  • Aadhaar Card or Passport
  • Matriculate Certificate
  • Birth Certificate (issued at least 5 years ago i.e., on or before 01 January 2017 by Municipal Corporation/ Gram Panchayat)

  • Athlete Verification team from SAI will check your documents and do the physical verification process.

  • Your details will come up on the Khelo India portal as soon as you are done with the verification.

  • Accreditation collection process begins after verification.


  • Different Accreditation centre will be created in all the cities for accreditation collection.

  • Your name, state, sport and your photograph will be present on your accreditation card.

  • You can go to the accreditation centre and they will assist you further. (Mostly a daily pass will given in such situation)

  • The accreditation card is required at all places for the event ,right from entry to sporting arenas,venues and for breakfast,lunch and dinner.

  • Yes, athletes must wear their accreditation card at all times.

Sports Apparel

  • Two of Generic T-shirts, Tracksuit, Kitbag, stockings and two sets of Playing Kits are provided to the athletes.

  • Sizes mentioned by the athletes on the NSRS Portal will be considered while giving the Kits.

  • No, it can be interchanged amongst the athletes.

  • No, you must be verified and have had collected your accreditation cards to get your sport kits.

  • No

  • No extra kits will be provided in loss of sports kits.